Chartbeat powers real-time analytics for more than 50,000 of the largest media sites online.
Betaworks is a start-up platform based in New York and has helped launch several companies. is a music listening community where people take turns playing music for each other.
Ketchup was an app incubator building and testing various apps for the iOS App Store.
Created for the American Heart Association. This is happening inside all of us around 60 times a minute.
A fish tank with an old CRT monitor as its base, create a trippy dance party for the fish.
An exploded iPod encased in resin. All wires are still connected which allows it to still work.
An anvil supported by a feather. There are no other external supports.
A self portrait made from thousands of drips of paint.
Click to see some selected paintings.
A timelapse of every Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

A social media app where it's just you and a million bots.

Opening a door via text message. This was before several companies created smart locks.
A parody of Donkey Kong with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as Kong (no longer available).
An infographic for when "the gang" hangs out on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
The Twitter hearts are really fun to click. This is a little toy to play with them.
Learning to code will save you time.

Lessons learned from shutting down